The Annual
Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

The Annual Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

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The saying goes that “the days are long but the years are short” and for my little boys’ first year of life, nothing could be more true. As a mom of an infant, I was tired, nervous, joyful, busy, bored and proud each and every day of that first year.

Often, the days seemed so long but in an instant, my boys were one and I had no idea where the time went. What other year of your child’s life will bring about the amount of change and development than the first one? It’s an incredible beginning to your baby’s life and preserving those changes, the developmental accomplishments and the “firsts”, allows you to cherish these moments over and over again and someday share them for your child to enjoy!

"Life is beautiful in its simplicity"

- Thomas Matthiessen

DALLAS Baby Portraits

Parents love reliving the beautiful growth their baby experienced that first year and for babies 3 months to 1 year of age, there are plenty of milestones worthy of a portrait session.

Most often, parents ask for portraits when their little one begins sitting and again when he or she turns one but other milestones such as rolling over or even prolonged eye contact can be special moments to cherish with portrait artwork.

Baby Portrait Sessions take place at my Flower Mound, TX home studio on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9am and with minimal props, a simple, clean background and full access to my Studio Wardrobe.  This allows your baby’s emerging personality to be the true focus!

What to Expect

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There is no wrong answer- it all depends on whether or not you want to commemorate more than one milestone in your baby’s first year.

If you ARE considering more than one portrait session, the First Year Collective is a client favorite!  You can enjoy up to four portrait sessions celebrating your baby's major milestones, including newborn, sitting up, and his or her first birthday, as well as a $250 credit at each ordering session towards building your heirloom "First Year" album.  Plus, my First Year Collective families enjoy VIP booking to my exclusive annual mini sessions. You have access to all of these benefits for the price of just 2 Classic Sessions! 

Creating tangible artwork to celebrate this amazing first year of your child’s life is one of my favorite things to do! Most often, clients showcase their favorite portraits from each First Year Collective session in a wall gallery, beautifully documenting their child’s growth that first year.

For those that struggle picking just one favorite from a session, my Heirloom Album is an unbelievable treasure that can truly be handed down from one generation to the next.

But one of the most recent additions to my artwork collection is the Matted Portfolio box which clients love for their child’s first year. This beautiful handcrafted box is a statement piece on any occasional table and it stores your matted portraits so they can easily be shared with visiting friends and family or framed at a later time.

As convenient as digital images are to send to others, your artwork is what YOU'LL truly cherish- it will become a part of your home and a cornerstone of your little one’s childhood memories.  

Absolutely! Newborn portraits are so sweet and snugly but your child’s first year is filled with so many wonderful opportunities to document their growth as they become a little toddler.

You will never regret having timeless portraits of your baby, especially years from now when it’s hard to remember they were ever this little!

My talent is photographing the spirit of each child and along with an extensive background in luxury service and home decor, I truly love cultivating a high touch, personalized experience for my clients while creating and designing timeless artwork for your home.

Working with me is not just about having photographs taken- it’s about feeling taken care of,  capturing fleeting moments in your little one's life and showcasing these memories to cherish for years to come.

You are always welcome to dress your baby in outfits of your choosing but I proudly offer a beautifully curated wardrobe collection for baby’s one year and younger.

From adorable rompers to sweet little onesies, I have a wide selection of pieces you have full access to so finding the perfect outfit has already been taken care of for you!

Yes! I absolutely offer digital files and they’re a great way to quickly share your favorite portraits with friends and family.

All images, printed and digital, are purchased separately at your Reveal and Ordering appointment.  I believe strongly in providing all of my clients with both digital AND printed artwork so when you purchase images from Kimberly Gerfin Photography, you always receive a printed AND high resolution digital copy!

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