As a mom, I love watching my boys become little people- seeing their personalities emerge as they become toddlers, giggling with them as they develop their silly sense of humor and holding back tears as their sweet tenderness snuggles into my special nooks.

We know that these little looks, their tiny dimples and toothy grins will develop into new looks and different traits and with the passing of each stage, we’ll long to remember the uniqueness of the previous one.

My passion is to capture that beautiful spirit of your child so you can truly treasure each stage as your little one grows and together, we can create artwork that fills your home and tells your child the story of how they became who they are today!

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"Life is beautiful in its simplicity"

- Thomas Matthiessen

DALLAS Children's Portraits

Children’s Portrait Sessions are perfect for kids between the ages of 1 and 12 years old and take place in my Flower Mound home studio on Wednesdays and Thursdays at either 9am or 3pm. With minimal props and a simple, clean background, the focus is purely on your child, perfectly showcasing their beautiful personality!

Planning outfits, coordinating looks, getting your child to smile and actually ending up with a good photograph seems like a lot of work for the little amount of time we all seem to have. I completely understand and that’s why I handle everything for you. Ahead of time, I’ll plan outfits for your child that beautifully coordinate with your style and home decor and my portrait sessions are fun and relaxing with plenty of time for your child to explore, settle in and get comfortable. Your collection of portraits will truly reflect your child’s personality and spirit and the artwork we create will bring back such joyful memories to you and your child!

What to Expect

frequently asked


I always include family in my Newborn Portrait Sessions- this is such a joyful time and documenting that excitement and love for the newest family member is so important.

For Children's Portrait Sessions, only the child or children are photographed. My specialty is connecting with children and showcasing their spirit through the portraits I create!

Not every photograph is a smile. Some of my clients’ favorite portraits from their session are the more serious ones, the ones that highlight the sensitive and tender side, the side you see in those sweet quiet moments with your little one.

The goal is to showcase your child’s true self and sometimes that includes their more serious side or pensive moments. However, I also spend a lot of time in the beginning of each session connecting with your child, creating a safe and welcoming environment and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to get giggles and joy!

All of your children! The end goal when we work together is to create artwork that celebrates this moment in your children's lives.

 My artist commission fee is for my time and talents to beautifully photograph your children AND design the perfect artwork pieces that live in your home and become a cornerstone in your children's childhood memories. Therefore, I happily include each of your children in the portrait session. 

My talent is photographing the spirit of each child and along with an extensive background in luxury service and home decor, I truly love cultivating a high touch, personalized experience for my clients while creating and designing timeless artwork for your home.

Working with me is not just about having photographs taken- it’s about feeling taken care of,  capturing fleeting moments in your little one's life and showcasing these memories to cherish for years to come.

I truly love planning outfits for your portrait session!  Part of our Style and Planning meeting includes understanding your style, which colors you gravitate towards and how you envision your child looking for this session.  Afterwards, I create a personalized style inspiration board, tailored just for you, with clickable links for each and every look!  This way, you can both visualize your child's look AND easily shop for any must-have items!  

Yes! I absolutely offer digital files and they’re a great way to quickly share your favorite portraits with friends and family.

All images, printed and digital, are purchased separately at your Reveal and Ordering appointment.  I believe strongly in providing all of my clients with both digital AND printed artwork so when you purchase images from Kimberly Gerfin Photography, you always receive a printed AND high resolution digital copy!

Dallas Children's PHotographer