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As a mom, I am always searching for inspiration and guidance as I journey on my path of motherhood.  Although I am no expert at raising children, I love learning and sharing information with you in hopes that your journey may also find a smooth and joyful path!  This journal is just that- things that inspire me, such as beautiful pictures of your kiddos and women doing incredible things, as well as helpful guidance when it comes to photography as well as raising children here in the DFW metroplex!  I hope you enjoy these entries and thank you so much for stopping by!

The Journal


When most of us hear “portrait photography”, our minds instantly conjure up pictures of awkward poses and forced smiles.  That’s because a heavily posed portrait is pretty uncomfortable.  It’s uncomfortable at the time you’re being posed and it’s uncomfortable to look at.  It just doesn’t look or feel like you.  Kids feel the same way, […]

Posed Vs. Child Led Portraits: Dallas Portrait Photography

Children, Tips & Resources

Young boy sitting on a chair looking very proud

May 25, 2023

As a professional in studio photography in Dallas, TX, clients often ask what they should bring to their session. Moms are used to schlepping just about any possible thing their child could, may, possibly, just-in-case need so it’s a completely valid question.  The good news is, there isn’t a whole lot you NEED to bring. […]

What to bring to your session: Photography Studio Dallas TX

Children, Tips & Resources

Little girl in cream dress about to stand up by photography studio Dallas TX

May 18, 2023