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As a mom, I am always searching for inspiration and guidance as I journey on my path of motherhood.  Although I am no expert at raising children, I love learning and sharing information with you in hopes that your journey may also find a smooth and joyful path!  This journal is just that- things that inspire me, such as beautiful pictures of your kiddos and women doing incredible things, as well as helpful guidance when it comes to photography as well as raising children here in the DFW metroplex!  I hope you enjoy these entries and thank you so much for stopping by!

The Journal


“Where did you get that?” and, “this is the SWEETEST little outfit I’ve ever seen….I need one too!” are some of the best compliments us moms can get when we dress our munchkins in a fantastic look or give a great gift at a baby shower!  Finding that one-in-a-million piece takes knowing where to look!  […]

Half Pint Children’s Boutique: A Favorite Dallas Baby Boutique!

Babies and Milestones, Children, Tips & Resources

photo of Half Pint Children's Boutique by favorite Dallas Baby Boutique

August 8, 2023

I remember when my little boys were born- I wanted to hold on to each and every detail!  My oldest had the longest fingers- they were so beautiful.  And my little one had the absolute best hair.  And a full head of it too!  Newborn photos for me were an absolute must.  But as the […]

Baby Photography Dallas: Why You’ll love the First Year Collective

Babies and Milestones, Newborns

Sleeping newborn baby girl with white bow by baby photographer Dallas

April 25, 2023

As a Dallas Children Photographer, my clients often ask me, “what are the most important milestones we should have photographed in our child’s life?”. Watching our little munchkins grow is full of incredible “firsts” and if you’re like me, you desperately want to remember EVERYTHING!!! Although that may be an impossible dream, there are several […]

Dallas Children Photographer: The Most Important Milestones For Classic Portraits

Babies and Milestones, Tips & Resources

Little boy sitting on a wooden stool by Dallas Children Photographer

March 22, 2023