Baby Photography Dallas: Why You’ll love the First Year Collective

I remember when my little boys were born- I wanted to hold on to each and every detail!  My oldest had the longest fingers- they were so beautiful.  And my little one had the absolute best hair.  And a full head of it too!  Newborn photos for me were an absolute must.  But as the months passed, I couldn’t believe how different their little faces became or the new details that developed as they grew older.  I realized I needed more photographs- I needed to freeze time again!  I know I’m not alone in feeling this way and as a leader in baby photography in Dallas, I know there are so many of us desperate to remember every last detail.  So, if you want to freeze time too and have gorgeous, timeless portraits of your little one’s first year, read on to learn more about my First Year Collective!


Sleeping newborn baby girl with white bow by baby photographer Dallas

Where did the First Year Collective Come From?

As a mom of two boys, I know how precious that first year is.  Every day they experience new things.  Their first car ride.  A whisper of wind across their face.  The sound of a barking dog.  A relaxing warm bath.  It’s thrilling to watch them watch the world and everything seems brighter, shinier and more fun than it did before their arrival!  Suddenly, a month has gone by and everyone’s starting to sleep a little bit better.  Then two, and three and four months are checked off and now our little one is almost half a year old!  Giggles and eye contact.  Face recognition and personalities.  So much has happened in such a short time.  On top of all of the changes your little one is experiencing, your life is a whole new ball game.  The list of to-dos always grows and never gets smaller and mom guilt is no joke!


newborn baby with moms hands surrounding his bottom

It’s more than a lot.  And I completely get it.  I was there once too and I missed things and forgot things and was too late for things.   That’s why I want to help you NOT miss things, forget things or be too late for things.  The First Year Collective is my way of making sure those big moments, the monumental stages during that first year, are beautifully safeguarded with timeless portraits.  It’s my failproof way of taking all of the planning, the worrying, the mom guilt out of YOUR first year with your little one and managing it for you so you can rest assured these moments WILL be cherished and remembered for years to come!

What is the First Year Collective?

The First Year Collective is a special way to celebrate your little one’s first year and showcase the amazing changes that occurred during that time.  Instead of just capturing your baby as a newborn, the First Year Collective offers you the opportunity to cherish the three most exciting milestones (Newborn, Sitter and First Birthday….more about these below!) with beautiful and timeless portraits.


baby girl sitting and looking at her toes by baby photography dallas

In order for you to fully enjoy this first year and NOT have to worry about a thing, I have created an stress-free and joyful experience personalized just for you!  I have an incredible wardrobe for both girls and boys in sizes NB all the way to 24mos.  I also offer stunning, figure flattering dresses for mom that will make you feel confident and beautiful.  And I love coordinating hair and makeup for you so you are completely pampered during your session!  As we move through the year, I’ll send a little email reminder to schedule your next milestone session.  And after each session, we’ll meet for your Reveal & Ordering Appointment.  Here, I’ll present gorgeous framed art and matted portrait options as well as mock-ups for your First Year Heirloom Album.  You’ll not only cherish these precious memories, you’ll appreciate having your time back to do what’s most important.  Spend every available moment with your little one.


backlit newborn baby with white bow in hair by baby photographer Dallas

The Three Most Exciting Milestones

That first year of your baby’s life is filled with SO many firsts….first giggle, first tooth, first word, first step….the list goes on and on!  As you watch your little one grow and develop, you’ll love seeing what each new day, week and month brings- and for your little one, it’s ALL brand new.  Although it’s hard to say which is the best “first”, there are definitely three incredible milestones that really mark major stages for your baby in their first year.  These three exciting milestones are newborn, sitting up on their own and their first birthday.  Let’s take a look at all three of them and what makes each one so special!


close up profile of newborn baby wrapped in white blanket by baby photographer Dallas

Newborn Milestone

Your baby has just been born and you can’t wait to discover, learn and fall in love with every single inch of her!  In no time at all, you’ll know all of her different noises and cries, you’ll understand what she needs and when and she’ll be able to sense you from across the room and know just how to perfectly fit into your little nooks.  She’s only this tiny for a moment and her little fingers, her delicate little hair, her button nose and the way she scrunches into a little ball will begin to change and possibly disappear before you even know it.  Photographing your sweet newborn, especially in the first 7-10 days, is a perfect time to capture all of these tiny little details so you can remember them forever!  Parents often question whether they need to have portraits taken during these first few weeks but no one ever regrets having them.  You WILL fall in love with these memories and you’ll be so thankful you have them when your little newborn is suddenly a big, goofy toddler!


Sleeping newborn wrapped in white blanket

Sitting Milestone

Your newborn is now a bona fide baby!  He is a giggly, drooly, silly, happy infant and as of late, the world has taken on a whole new perspective.  He is looking at it head on and no longer from the floor, up.  What’s even more exciting is he is doing this all by himself.  The autonomy!  The possibilities!  Suddenly, he is a mini explorer- and everything needs exploring.  This milestone is a perfect time to photograph because his personality is on fully display, he looks very different than his newborn picture (probably a couple of teeth are making for a toothy grin!) and being able to sit on your own definitely deserves a celebration.  This time is a great middle period between newborn and toddler and a wonderful opportunity to cherish that transition!


baby girl giggling by baby photography dallas

First Birthday Milestone

Birthdays are always important milestones to photograph and the FIRST birthday is one of the most important ones to celebrate with a portrait session!  As an official toddler, your little one is probably pulling herself up to a standing position, saying a few words (or what SHE thinks are words!!) and she’s well on her way in exploring solid foods.  Some parents wait until this first birthday to introduce sugar which makes for an even more exciting and fun experience for your baby AND the adults!  First Birthday portrait sessions cap off the incredible growth and changes your baby experienced during her first year and whether you want to include a cake smash or keep things a little cleaner with sweet outfits and beautiful toys, you will love comparing how much your little girl has grown.

What Next?

All three portrait sessions are completed and you’ve chosen your favorite images after each session but now what?  Do you simply store the digital images away to look at sporadically as the years go by?  That’s always an option but what if we did more?  What if these memories…these incredible moments in your baby’s first year become a part of your home, her room, your life and the stories you tell her as she grows up?  What if they’re not just sporadic smile makers but foundational images in the life she’s building and the home she cherishes?

I had the joy of being surrounded by pictures of me and my siblings from birth throughout our childhood- some were updated as the years went by while others were permanent fixtures in our home.  They grounded us in who we started out as and helped us form who we would become.  It’s a wonderful gift to give your children- for them to see how cherished they are and to be surrounded by that throughout their lives.  Let’s do that and give these treasures a life and a footing in your little one’s childhood.  The good news is, you can pick exactly the perfect option for you and your family.  There’s no wrong choice- it’s a simple as, what do you love?


baby girl lying on her stomach

Heirloom Albums

One of the many things you get to enjoy from your First Year Collective is an Heirloom Album credit.  This credit goes towards your child’s First Year Heirloom Album and it’s a client favorite!  Using images from each session, I create an incredible memory book.  And, you have complete freedom to edit as you choose and fully personalize your album.  Your First Year Heirloom Album will be a treasure you will enjoy and pass on for generations to come.


Heirloom album on top of wood box

Matted Portrait Box

Not sure where you want to hang your portraits or maybe you’re looking for something that gives you a little flexibility?  The Matted Portrait Box is one of my favorite options because it does a little bit of everything! Your favorite portraits from your session are fully finished and sealed and ready to be framed or perfect to display and share with friends and family.  No matter how you want to enjoy your portraits, the Matted Portrait Box can check all of the boxes!


matted portrait prints in walnut box by baby photographer Dallas

Framed Wall Art

A personal favorite of mine, I love filling our home with portraits of the boys.  Our stairwell has large framed prints that truly showcase each boys’ personality.  Up in their bedrooms, there are smaller, more sentimental prints from their newborn session.   Whether it’s one stunning statement piece or an elegant wall gallery of several images, your heart will smile each time you pass your baby’s beautiful face!  And with a well curated collection of frame styles, we’ll create the perfect artwork for your home.


Framed newborn photography in nursery by baby photographer Dallas


Baby Photography Dallas

The first year of your baby’s life is a special time that holds so much change, growth, love and beauty. Although we know in our hearts how fast that year will go, it can be so difficult to do everything.  Remember everything.  Savor every part of that first year.  The First Year Collective is the perfect way to hold on to the memories and truly cherish the milestones while not having to add one more item to your overloaded “to-do” list.  As a leader in baby photography in Dallas, I love creating an stress-free and joyful experience for my clients.

If you would like to learn more about my First Year Collective, I would love to talk to you.  Feel free to reach out to me via my contact form on my website or always know you can email, call or text.  If you’d like some other Newborn resources from my previous journal entries, I’ve got a couple of good ones below.

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Thanks so much for joining me and I hope you visit me again soon!



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