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6 Dallas Prenatal Massage Locations for Ultra-Relaxing Services

One of the most unique aspects of pregnancy is how it totally rearranges your body. It’s the only time in your life when your stomach can be smashed against your lower intestines without your doctor freaking out. And while being a medical anomaly might be exciting for a day, it can be challenging for your body to handle over time. This is why I think prenatal massages are so crucial. While this treatment might feel like an unnecessary splurge, after one appointment, you will be wondering why you haven’t been utilizing this service your entire pregnancy. Finding a massage therapist specializing explicitly in prenatal massage guarantees your treatment is expertly handled and leaves you at ease. As a newborn photographer and mother myself, I’ve gotten to hear about some great Dallas prenatal massage spots. Here is a list of some of the best.

Newborn baby girl sleeping under white blanket for Dallas Prenatal Massage

Dallas Birth Center

Through the Urban Family Co-Op, Dallas Birth Center has access to a magical massage therapist ready to remove all the pain. ME Ramcke is the genius behind Body Balance. Certified in prenatal and postpartum massage, she understands the best ways to tend to your body.

She offers massages starting in the first trimester and allows you to book either 75- or 90-minute long massages. Her work will increase circulation, ease stiff joints, relieve headaches, and lower stress levels. She is passionate about creating a comfortable and safe space for women to come and feel relief from this stressful time of life.

She provides care to women at the Urban Family Co-Op and the Baylor University Medical Center. On top of prenatal and postpartum, she offers deep tissue and Swedish massage.

Newborn baby sleeping for Dallas Prenatal Massage

Riviera Spa

Riviera Spa is a center that uses evidence-based information to offer holistic care. When you book your massage through the spa, you can have the comfort of knowing you are about to receive expert treatment. Your therapist will ensure your and your baby’s safety while still giving you life-changing service.

Riviera Spa encourages clients to come in after their first trimester. You’ll be treated to a gentle yet effective massage throughout your session. Moreover, this will help relieve swelling, improve sleep quality, and improve circulation. And don’t worry if you fall in love with the spa.

Your services with Riviera Spa don’t have to end once the baby arrives. The center also offers services, including soothing facials. Get ready because you’ve just found your next long-term relationship with this lovely Dallas prenatal massage spot!

Newborn baby boy toes for Dallas Prenatal Massage

Elements Massage

Elements Massage has an entire team of talented massage therapists ready to put your body at ease. For years, thecenter has worked to provide pregnant people with top-notch care. They do what they can to ensure your treatment is safe and effective.

Elements uses guidelines from the American Pregnancy Association to protect your health. With them, you can start receiving massages the second you get those two happy lines. The spa takes the time to ensure you are paired with a therapist who will work best with you.

From there, your therapist will ensure you feel comfortable before proceeding with your massage. The spa encourages you to book several sessions at a time and offers package deals so you can keep coming back. Outside prenatal massage, they provide various services, including trigger point, deep tissue, and sports massage.

Newborn girl in moses basket

Lilie’s Healing Hands

Lillie’s Healing Hands is a spa that offers massages for pretty much every stage of pregnancy. The therapists are specifically trained to work on pregnant women to ensure they have the best treatment possible. They encourage you to begin your services after the first trimester solely because your hormones are a bit more regulated and morning sickness is typically over.

Throughout your sessions, you’ll experience a respite from your aching muscles and relief from several typical pregnancy symptoms, such as bloating. The spa offers natural induction massages to help move things along as you reach your due date. This massage uses relaxation and essential oils to encourage your body to do its thing.

Lillie’s also offers postpartum massage as well as women’s body work recovery to comfort your muscles after delivery.

Newborn baby sleeping

The Nook Spa

The Nook Spa is a fantastic center in Dallas that will give your body the attention it needs. The Nook believes massages are one of the best things you can do for your body throughout pregnancy. Your therapist will work with you when you arrive to ensure your body feels its best.

This Dallas prenatal massage spot combines evidence with the art of massage to treat you. Their services decrease muscular stress, reduce stretch marks by increasing the skin’s flexibility and balance out the root hormones that cause postpartum anxiety and depression. On top of their healing prenatal massages, the spa offers body treatments, anti-aging treatments, and facials.

Newborn baby girl toes

Max Therapy Massage

Max Therapy Massage is a massage studio started by Max McWilliams. Max has over 15 years of experience and has spent the past six years building up the practice in Dallas. When you come to the spa for a treatment, you can expect soothing massages to remove pregnancy stresses.

You can start receiving services at this center beginning in the second trimester. You can choose either 60- or 90-minute sessions during your regular massages. Through your entire service, you will feel all the stress and pain of pregnancy melt away.

Max Therapy offers massage packages to give you a discount the more you come. And while you might have come for their healing prenatal massages, you’ll return for their excellent therapeutic massages.

Dallas Prenatal Massage

Treating yourself to a Dallas prenatal massage throughout pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for your body. Through receiving regular treatment, your body will have the help it needs to keep your pregnancy happy and healthy.

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