6 Dallas Doulas Providing Top-of-the-Line Pregnancy Support

I know you’ve heard it all before, but when it comes to pregnancy, it really does take a village. Between the anxiety of the ever-changing prenatal stage and the early weeks of having a newborn, it can all feel overwhelming, especially if your family is going through it alone. This is why I think doulas are a necessity. While a doula is not a medical expert, they are an experienced care provider who will educate you and ensure you have all the help you need. They’ll prepare you for birth and walk you through every trimester so you’ll have the emotional and mental support necessary for this journey. In fact, doulas are so beneficial that they’ve been enlisted to aid in various other major life milestones in recent years. As a newborn photographer, I constantly have my finger on the pulse of Dallas’s birth scene. Here are some Dallas doulas my clients cannot recommend enough.


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North Dallas Doula Associates

Founded in 1999 by Melissa Esprey-Mueller, North Dallas Doula Associates has become one of the most beloved birth organizations in the city. They’ve won numerous awards for their boutique service providing care to families throughout the metroplex.

While many within the clinical birth world tend to view the natural birth community as an “us against them” situation, NDDA has worked tirelessly to change this by building relationships with OBs and hospitals. The association has 14 birth doulas on staff, five postpartum doulas, and four lactation consultants.

With so many choices, you will find a doula who will understand you and give you the keys to an unforgettable birth experience. Your doula will remain on call with you throughout your entire pregnancy, providing guidance and remaining by your side throughout all of labor.

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Rose The Doula

Rose the Doula is there to assist with whatever style of birth is best for you. She is an experienced doula ready to walk with your family through this magnificent journey. She limits her clients and only accepts 24 each year.

By remaining so exclusive, she can devote more time to you and ensure you receive the care and information you need. Rose commits to caring for every woman. She also books for additional mothers who might be walking through crises and cannot afford her services.

With Rose, you can attend in-office visits as well as in-home and virtual visits. Her packages include everything from comprehensive care throughout pregnancy to doula services for just the day of your delivery. Rose also provides classes as a more formal way to pass all her expertise onto you.

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Dallas Birth

Dallas Birth is an organization filled with educators, certified midwives, and doulas. The group features two doulas who received inspiration to help women after their own childbirth experiences. Solange Patterson is bilingual, offering care to both English- and Spanish-speaking clients.

She’s also DONA trained and spinning babies certified. Courtney Butts is trauma-informed and is BEST certified. Whether you want a homebirth, a hospital birth, or would prefer to labor in a birth center, your doula will work with you and ensure you feel empowered.

And while most women associate doulas with natural childbirth, your doula will be there through medical interventions such as c-sections and epidurals. Your doula will provide you with all the information you need before the time comes, so you’ll have the power to make the choice that’s right for you.

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East Dallas Birth and Wellness

East Dallas Birth and Wellness is a fantastic center founded by Dr. Emily Sloan. Emily has had years of experience. She’s led undergrad nursing students at Baylor University, spent time in South Africa studying the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and taught midwifery classes in India.

On top of this, she has birthed eight babies, all through natural childbirth. Emily understands parents need support throughout pregnancy and labor. Her birth center will welcome your doula and ensure you have the team you need. The center also provides an Ayurvedic doula who will be there for the postpartum phase.

Cheryl Johnson has extensively studied Ayurveda, which recognizes how the body transforms following delivery. She will provide you with the mental and emotional support you need during this stage.

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Great Expectations Doulas

Great Expectations Doulas received the vote for the best doulas in Dallas Fort Worth. The organization has made it efficient to find your perfect doula.

When you reach out during your pregnancy, they will put you in touch with several pros. You can set up a phone call or a free consultation and then select the doula that meshes the best with your family. This allows you to find an expert you will feel comfortable with as you move through pregnancy.

The organization has several packages that let you customize your care. On top of their wonderful birth doulas and informative classes, Great Expectations has postpartum doulas who will help you through the months following your delivery. Your postpartum doula will provide answers regarding your newborn, help with light housekeeping, assist with breastfeeding issues, and much more.

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It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village is an aptly named doula collective here to help you with all things pregnancy. Andrea Carter founded the group with eight experts ready to help you with all aspects and concerns of growing a baby.

You can choose from a variety of packages, including virtual doula services. Your doula will work with you to create the ideal birth plan and ensure you have all the necessary information to make it happen.

On top of their birth doulas, they offer postpartum, adoption, and loss support. The organization devotes themselves to assisting women from all walks of life, regardless of their financial situation. The center also has a postpartum meal preparation service.  This will ensure you’ll have the nourishing food you need while you recover from labor.

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Dallas Doulas

Pregnancy and labor can be daunting, but with the right doula, you’ll have the emotional support you need. With any of these Dallas doulas, I am positive you’ll feel empowered to have the birth experience that’s right for you.

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