6 Dallas Baby Shower Venues Perfectly Suited to Any Aesthetic 

Baby showers have unfortunately earned the reputation of being a bit boring. With stale food, awkward games, and conversations surrounding diaper absorbency, getting an invite to a baby shower has often felt more like a headache than anything. Personally, I think this is a shame. Having a baby is a world-changing event! It’s worthy of a grand celebration! This is why I believe finding the ideal venue is the first step in planning a baby shower for the ages. The right venue will provide plenty of space while allowing you to set up, relax, and enjoy the day. Dallas has some marvelous spaces perfect for ushering in this season of life. Here’s a list of some of my favorite Dallas baby shower venues, from bright and airy spots to charming rustic locations. 

Newborn baby girl wrapped in a white blanket around her body and wearing a tiny white bow.

Bella Luna

Bella Luna is a spacious event venue created to celebrate all the milestones in your life. The space features a decorative chair rail, a crystal chandelier, and a stage that will be the perfect spot for the honoree to open up her gifts. My favorite thing about this venue is the ability to dress it up however you’d like.

The white walls are a magnificent backdrop for a pastel balloon arch or gorgeous floral arrangements. The space will hold up to 300 guests and has décor and props available to rent. You can use a list of preferred vendors for an easy catering option.

Plus, you’ll have access to a high-definition sound system so you can put on the honoree’s favorite playlist in between the party games. 

Newborn baby girl wrapped in a white blanket and sleeping with a white bow on her head.

Studio V + V

Studio V + V is a natural light studio that prides itself as a blank canvas for your event. The studio has tall ceilings and crisp white walls, allowing you to work your magic and turn it into a total dream. The floor-to-ceiling windows along the building let the sunlight stream in.

It’s perfect for snapping some radiant pictures of the day or, if you’re feeling extra (it’s a celebration! Why wouldn’t you be?), creating a photo booth so all the guests can have a fun keepsake of the afternoon. This venue will hold up to 30 people and has ample room to set up anything you need for the day.

Your reservation includes tables and chairs as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers. For added convenience, Studio V + V is near some wonderful restaurants, making catering a breeze. 

Mom dressed in all white holding and smiling at her newborn baby while he looks at her.

Jupiter Gardens

Jupiter Gardens is an event center with multiple spaces ideal for holding a baby shower of any size. This adorable venue is conveniently right off Highway 635. It is surrounded by quality hotels, making it an excellent spot for showers with lots of out-of-town guests.

When you book with Jupiter Gardens, you’ll have several choices. The Artemis Room will hold up to 60 guests and is decorated in neutral wall colors with dark-stained floors. The Aphrodite Room has a similar color scheme but will hold up to 75 guests. The Athena Ballroom will hold up to 270 guests for large baby showers and features a mirrored bar and beautiful wall decorations.

The venue also has an outdoor space that will hold up to 70 guests. While this space is often reserved for weddings, it’s ideal for a sunny shower. The venue allows you to bring your own vendors, giving you many choices for the best menu.  

Newborn baby in just a white diaper cover sleeping on a white blanket

445 Events

445 Events is a quaint and unique spot for your celebration! While this building is shaped like a chapel, it’s the optimal spot for a party! The majority of the building is comprised of glass, making it feel like a gem in the middle of the suburban surroundings. You can arrange the space and dress it up however you’d like.

With such a clean interior, any color palette will look spectacular! 445 Events is suitable for any medium-sized party and features a commercial ice maker and refrigerator for easy storage.

The full service includes tables, chairs, linens, and even a waitstaff. This venue will transform your day into a party where you can sit back, relax, and raise a virgin cocktail to this next season of life. 

Newborn baby draped in a white blanket looking at the camera

Ballroom Surge

Ballroom Surge is a stunning space that doubles as a dance studio in its free time. The space is airy and open, with glass partitions surrounding the room. While this venue is a dreamy backdrop for any event, perhaps the best thing about it is the service. At Ballroom Surge, they know how to host a great time!

Event rentals include both round and long tables, chairs, Bluetooth speakers, and Wi-Fi. There’s plenty of room for up to 100 guests, making it a worthy space for any celebration.

The venue encourages you to bring your own catering and drinks, allowing you to create the menu of your dreams. The space is guaranteed to look stunning with your keen decorating eye and lots of room for possibilities. 

Newborn baby wrapped in a white blanket and sleeping, backlit, with his tiny toes sticking up in the air

Blanc Event Center

Blanc Event Center is a mere 5 minutes away from downtown Dallas and gives its guests unlimited ways to celebrate. The modern space has high ceilings and white rafters that provide a bit of an edgy, industrial vibe, while the towering windows and luxurious curtains add elegance.

This airy space is entirely customizable. You can keep it white and dress it up with your own décor, or choose lighting that will transform the room into whatever shade you prefer. This great space will hold a baby shower of any size and allow you to choose whatever catering you want.

Whether you prefer a sunny brunch with hors d’oeuvres and games or want a celebration with dramatic lighting and plenty of space to move, Blanc Event Center is your dream location. 

Newborn baby girl sleeping on a white blanket with a white diaper cover on and a simple white bow in her hair

Dallas Baby Shower Venues

As a Dallas newborn photographer and a mother myself, I love seeing new moms get the chance to celebrate their new arrivals. With any of these Dallas baby shower venues, I’m positive you’ll have a party full of unabashed joy. 

Are you trying to find the perfect photographer for your newborn’s grand debut? I’m a Dallas-based photographer who loves capturing your baby’s first expressions and turning them into portraits you’ll treasure forever. Contact me today so we can book your family’s session. While there, feel free to explore my Newborn Gallery, as well as my Baby and Children Gallery! As you can see, I love photographing your little one and creating beautiful, timeless artwork for you to cherish!

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  2. […] 6 Dallas Baby Shower Venues Perfectly Suited to Any Aesthetic  […]

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