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The Annual Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

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Digital Images or Printed Artwork for Dallas Baby Photographers?

Dallas Baby Photographers are often asked if they offer digital images. In the digital world we live in, having something digital makes sense! You can easily share it with friends and family and post it on your favorite social media site for all to enjoy. I completely understand the draw towards purchasing digital images. However, I believe wholeheartedly in printed artwork. Adding on digital images is great but hopefully, after reading this journal entry, you’ll see why printed artwork is so much more valuable!

Baby girl on belly looking at the camera by Dallas Baby Photography

Technology Can Fail Us

Beware- I’m about to date myself! When I was in college, we saved everything on disk drives. My final projects, term papers, lab reports. Everything lived on my collection of disk drives. Do most of my clients even know what a disk drive is?? How about VHS’ or DVD’s or CD drives or USB ports?

The incredible thing about the society we live in is we constantly have new technology that simplifies our lives and makes things faster. However, for some things, it can cause problems. I don’t often think about my old term paper but I have no way of ever going back to that time in my life. My wedding photos are all on USB’s. My current computer doesn’t even have a USB port. The longer I wait, the harder it will be to find a way to access the images from one of the most important days in my life!

I absolutely believe there is a place for digital images and they DO serve a wonderful purpose! They allow us to share our favorite memories with others. Without digital images, how would we make the birth announcements and Christmas cards we love sending to our family and friends? For many of us, we keep up with old friends from years past through the pictures and posts they share on social media. That would not be possible without those digital images. However, with time, technology changes, errors can happen, things can get corrupted. Sadly, those images can become inaccessible or even worse- disappear.

Little girl in green romper turning towards the camera

Printed Artwork Lives; Digital Images are Forgotten

Hang in there- hear me out on this one! In the short term, digital images definitely live a lovely and joyful life. They are our wallpaper on our computer, the profile picture for our social media account and they’re right there in our phone when a co-worker asks to see the latest photo of our children. However, 5 months from now, you’ve taken hundreds of new pictures. Now, a new favorite is your wallpaper and profile picture. And finding that previous favorite from 5 months ago means scrolling back awhile so you don’t do it as often…if at all. In the long term, your digital images are forgotten and replaced with your “new” favorite digital images.

On the flip side, printed artwork becomes a part of our lives and our homes. As a photographer, I love taking pictures of my children. I print them out and frame them and some sit on nightstands and some proudly hang on our walls. Everyday, as I pick up laundry or walk down a hallway, I enjoy these images. They literally fill my home and my heart with joy. Daily. And think about my kids. Their home, their rooms, their life here is filled with pictures of them. They have beautiful images in their mind of who they were as a newborn, their silly smile as a toddler. Years from now when they reminisce about their childhood home, these photographs will still live in their memories!

Wall art with black and white children images by Dallas Baby Photography

Photo Albums are Generational Treasures

If you’ve ever spent time with your parents or grandparents, looking through their old photo albums, you know what I mean by “generational treasures”. These albums give us younger generations a story, full of images, telling us who our parents were before we knew them as “Mom” and “Dad”. And thankfully, after our parents are gone- we can hold on to these precious books to remind us. To comfort us. To help us tell their story to the generations that never had a chance to know them.

Creating these treasures for your children is just as important.  Telling their story before they’re able to know it is a gift they will always cherish and you will always enjoy. We love pulling out our wedding album and showing the boys our pictures, explaining who certain people are and retelling the events of that beautiful day. Albums allow us to relive our favorite stories and they tell our favorite stories when we no longer can.

Photo albums by Dallas Baby Photography

Just Print It!

Like Nike, my motto is “just print it”. You will never regret having a hard copy of your images. I believe this so strongly, I provide a full set of printed proofs to every client that purchases digital images. I know you want your digitals now but my gift to you is the printed copies. If you can take away one thing from this journal entry, let it be this. Print what you love. Just print them. Print them and let them live with you. Let them bring you joy every day. Let them to tell your story. Print them so your children see who they were as they become who they are. Print them so these moments in time aren’t forgotten. Just print them!

Frame corners and images

I absolutely love my work as one of many Dallas baby photographers. And as you can tell from this journal entry, I am passionate about creating timeless artwork to showcase your child’s portraits. I would be honored to work with you and preserve this incredible moment in your child’s life. I invite you to explore my gallery of images and beautiful artwork pieces! Also, feel free to check out my instagram page and to reach out to me if you’d like more information. Thank you for reading this entry and if you’d like some more helpful tips, here are a couple other popular ones I’ve written recently!

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