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5 Dallas Midwives to Ease Your Mind & Provide Birthing Support

While going through pregnancy might be natural, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically understand everything about it. Frankly, pregnancy is weird. Hormones are always up to their own little adventures, and you never know how your body will react. While Google might tell you what’s going on, it’s only a matter of time before it hands you some fictitious worst-case scenario that sends you down an anxiety spiral. This is why I adore midwives. A great midwife will work with you throughout your pregnancy to address all your concerns and answer your questions, no matter how weird. While I’m a newborn photographer, I’m also a mom, so I’ve gotten the chance to hear about many Dallas midwives. Here’s a list of some of the best around.

Newborn girl sleeping with little bow in hair for Dallas Midwives

Midwife + Co.

If you’re looking for an eclectic group of midwives who will assist in every form of labor, look no further than Midwife + Co. The group’s origins started in 2013 with Fort Worth Birthing + Wellness center. Since then, it has expanded, offering a wide range of comprehensive prenatal care.

The organization has eleven certified midwives at four different offices. Your midwife will sit with you through long appointments to ensure you feel confident and are at your best. When the time comes to deliver, you can choose one of three hospitals across the Dallas Fort Worth area as well as the comfortable Fort Worth Birthing + Wellness Center.

Mom holding newborn and dad kissing baby's head for Dallas Midwives

Swiss Avenue Birth And Wellness

Swiss Avenue Birth and Wellness started in 2021 after founder and midwife Amy received a buyout for her former center, Origins Birth and Wellness. She’s taken that experience and grown her newest practice. Swiss Avenue Birth and Wellness has three knowledgeable midwives and a wide team of support staff.

When you choose your midwife, you can deliver either at home or at a surrounding birth center. The organization is constantly working to make its practice more accommodating to you, which is why they’re getting ready to open its own birth center any day now! Wherever you decide to deliver, you’ll have an expert midwife for every step of the journey.

Newborn boy in white onesie lying on back looking at the camera

East Dallas Birth & Wellness

Emily Sloan started East Dallas Birth & Wellness as a way to provide woman-centered care to the mothers of Dallas. Emily has eight children, all delivered naturally, and she brings that experience to every family who enters her care. With East Dallas Birth & Wellness, you will receive expert prenatal care within the birthing center.

This setting is warm and relaxing and has birthing suites with spacious tubs for whenever delivery begins. You’ll feel confident as you move around the center and give birth in whatever way is right for you. Your entire pregnancy will be bookended with compassionate, quality care.

Newborn baby sleeping with white wrap around body and toes sticking up in the air

North Texas Midwifery

North Texas Midwifery is a wonderful group that features Bethany Stricker and her expert services. She is joined by two assistants and a student midwife at this center. Every trimester of your pregnancy will receive attentive care to ensure your pregnancy is progressing as expected.

With the group, you’ll be able to deliver at home or a freestanding birth center such as the Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington or the East Dallas Birth Center. Whatever setting you choose, you can ensure you receive the care you need. The organization provides birth tub rentals they will bring you once delivery starts. Even after your baby is born, you can continue to receive their exquisite care.

Newborn girl sleeping surrounded by fluffy white blankets

Family Centered Maternity Care

Family Centered Maternity Care has been in the business of empowering families since 1984. Joyce Nelson is the primary midwife who brings decades of expertise to every client. When you choose to give birth with the midwives at Family Centered Maternity Care, you can deliver either at home or the group’s birthing center.

Here, you’ll be able to move around the stylish rooms and labor the way you prefer. Your midwives will walk you through all information regarding water births and ensure you have all the answers you need to make the choice that’s right for your family.

Newborn baby wrapped in white blanket sleeping for Dallas midwives

Dallas Midwives

Finding a midwife can be overwhelming, but I know with any of these marvelous Dallas midwives, you’ll have the answers you need from an expert you can trust.

Are you still trying to find a Dallas newborn photographer who will capture those precious early weeks of your newborn’s life? If so, I would love to hear from you! I’m ready to be there for your family and create a relaxing experience that will give you pictures you’ll adore. Contact me today so we can book your session.

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