Dallas Children Photographer: The Most Important Milestones For Classic Portraits

As a Dallas Children Photographer, my clients often ask me, “what are the most important milestones we should have photographed in our child’s life?”. Watching our little munchkins grow is full of incredible “firsts” and if you’re like me, you desperately want to remember EVERYTHING!!! Although that may be an impossible dream, there are several important milestones that are truly worthy of celebrating with a professional photography session. This journal entry offers you a selection of my favorite milestones and why I believe you’ll love preserving these moments in your little one’s life!

Little boy sitting on a wooden stool by Dallas Children Photographer


Your brand new little baby is so precious and there is only a brief period of time that he or she will be THIS tiny. Before you know it, your newborn is an infant and although their growth is exciting, you’ll miss how squishy, sleepy and new they are during this remarkable time. Newborn portrait sessions are one of the most popular milestones to photograph in your child’s life and I love them for three main reasons!

  • Your newborn will never be this tiny again! You’ll want to remember those itty-bitty flakes on their feet, the wisp of hair at the nape of their neck and just how perfectly their body fits into the palm of your hand.
  • It’s the perfect time to document your new family unit. Whether your newborn is your first child or your fifth, your family just grew in size and it’s the very first opportunity you have to capture your family as it now stands. If you have other children, including them in the portraits is a wonderful way to commemorate this special time in their lives too!
  • Documenting the love and joy your little one brought to your life is an incredible gift you can give them when they are older. Every child treasures seeing the love in your eyes when you look at them. Think of how special it is for a child to see photographs of you joyfully holding them and lovingly looking at their tiny little selves when they were just days old. What a gift to both you and your child!

Newborn baby girl sleeping with arm extended

Sitting-Up Stage

When your baby is finally able to sit up on her own, her world (and your’s!!) quickly changes. She’s able to explore her surroundings in a way she never could before and everything looks different from her new perspective. She can play and engage with you and other family members and her beautiful little personality truly starts emerging for everyone around her to enjoy!

Photographing your little one at this stage celebrates your infant’s transition from needing to be held and supported to the beginnings of her autonomy! There’s such a big change from your newborn just 8 months earlier to this babbling, silly, adorable little infant and that’s why the sitting milestone is a must-have portrait session!

Little girl sitting up by Dallas Children Photographer

First Birthday

Just as the growth from a newborn to a “sitter” is incredible, it’s just as amazing how much your baby develops in the 4-6 months from sitting on their own till their first birthday! Some babies are taking first steps already (although mine were extremely happy staying put until 13-14 months!!), talking, starting to explore solid foods. This milestone is such a sweet and celebratory time and what better way to document your little one’s first birthday than with a beautiful portrait session?

For me, I love first birthday portrait sessions and depending on what parents want, we can include a gorgeous smash cake, precious little wood toys and tiny chairs made especially for little bottoms to sit on! Incorporating simple toys, props and a small smash cake create a perfect environment for your playful one year old!

Baby boy looking at the camera

Pre-school Pictures

Your little one is off to school! Ok, not actual elementary school just yet (eek! That’s right around the corner!!) but nonetheless, preschool is their first experience away from you, spending time with another adult and learning how to engage with a room full of children. It’s a huge milestone for you and for your toddler and in no time, their little baby qualities start disappearing and a little boy or little girl starts taking up residence! I absolutely love this milestone because although you WANT them to learn, explore, grow and make friends, you desperately want to hold on to those sweet cuddly babies they are outgrowing. The hand dimples, the teeny tiny teeth, the big innocent blue eyes- a portrait session at this milestone is the perfect time to capture these details so you can treasure them long after they’re gone!

Little boy in blue shirt staring off by Dallas Children Photographer


Cue the waterworks- our little one is off to school! A full day without us…deep breaths! My mom was always so good with having our portraits taken at major milestones in our lives and one of my favorites of me and my siblings was each of our kindergarten portraits. We were still so little- big teeth hadn’t pushed their way in yet, our cheeks were naturally rosy and our eyes so bright with pure joy for the new day. Your toddler is seconds away from becoming a “big boy” or “big girl” and the start of kindergarten is a fantastic time to photograph their little details and personalities before the “big” starts moving in!

Little boy smiling at the camera by Dallas Children photographer

The End of Elementary School

Your little is a full blown big at this point but they still keep a thin tether to you and the security you so lovingly provide them. They still have their beautiful innocence and you can’t help cracking up at their giggle fits and zany sense of humor! They still need you and want you (which I’ll eat every last crumb of for as long as I can!!) and this milestone gives you the chance to celebrate and cherish your child so your brain (and eventually your heart) can welcome the next phase without nostalgia for the past.

Young girl in white shirt and hands on hip smiling

As a Dallas Children Photographer, these are my favorite milestones but there are so many special times and magical memories to remember and preserve as your child grows up! I would love to help you preserve these memories. If you would like to learn more about me, my style of photography or my process for creating timeless portraits that perfectly capture your child’s personality, please feel free to explore my website!  In addition, here are a few more journal entries with some helpful hints.  I hope you enjoy!


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