Fort Worth Newborn Photographer: How to Prep for a Newborn Session

Newborn baby girl wrapped in white cloth with a white bow headband by Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

As a Fort Worth Newborn Photographer, moms always ask me, “How should I prepare for my upcoming Newborn Portrait Session?”. The good news is, there is very little you need to bring and only a few things you need to do to prepare for your session. At Kimberly Gerfin Photography, I created my portrait studio especially for newborn moms. I have a quiet and private room for you to comfortably feed your little one, complete with a rocking chair and Boppy, as well as a changing table full of Honest diapers (sizes NB through 3), wipes and lotions all for you to use and enjoy. Poop accidents? Spit ups? I’ve got more than enough wraps, onesies and burp cloths so there is no need to worry!

To truly maximize the time we have together and help create a peaceful, sleepy and comfortable environment for your little one, there are a few things you can do the morning of your session and a couple of items I recommend you pack in your diaper bag. Here is my recommended list to help guide you through the morning of your session:

Mom and dad dressed in white holding their newborn son and dad is kissing his baby's head by Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Plan to Feed Your Baby at the Studio

A full belly is one of the best ways to ensure your little munchkin sleeps during their Newborn Portrait Session so holding off on feeding until you arrive will allow me to take full advantage of their sleep time. I have a completely private room for you and your little one with a comfortable feeding chair, Boppy and changing table, complete with diapers, wipes and lotions. Here, you can truly relax, take your time and let your little one peacefully eat prior to the session.

Newborn boy sleeping and wrapped in white cloth by Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Keep Your Baby Awake an Hour Prior to Your Session

Sleeping newborns are so cuddly and sweet and to this day, I still love looking at my sons’ newborn pictures, amazed at how tiny they once were! To help ensure that your baby sleeps during their newborn session, it’s important to try to keep your little one awake one hour before arriving. I know this can be difficult so I simply ask that you try but here are so helpful tips that can keep those sweet little eyes open as long as possible:

  • Undress them and then re-dress them
  • Give them a bath
  • Wipe a cold or wet cloth/wipe across their feet
Newborn boy with white cloth loosely wrapped around him and trailing off in the background by Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Bring a Bottle of Pumped Milk or Formula and a Pacifier

Sometimes, babies start to fuss as we move through the session- it’s completely normal and expected but having a pacifier and a bottle of either breast milk or formula helps to maintain the flow of the session and keeps your baby comfortable and happy. I completely understand that some moms prefer to avoid using bottles and pacifiers with their little one and I promise I will only use them if absolutely necessary.

Newborn boy in white onesie sleeping in a Moses Basket by Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Dress Your Baby in Loose Fitting Clothes with Zippers or Snaps

After you’ve fed your baby, I’ll start changing your little one out of the clothes they came in and into a new diaper and either a soft comfortable onesie or a beautiful white wrap. Avoiding clothing that goes over your newborn’s head and dressing them in clothing with a zipper or snaps allows me to change your little one without disturbing any sleep time!

Newborn boy sleeping on his tummy with legs tucked under him in a white diaper by Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Dress for Warm Weather

Your baby was used to a very warm environment for the past 9 months so to ensure your baby is comfortable and cozy during their Newborn Portrait Session, I keep my studio at 80℉.  This temperature, along with their full belly and the help from my sound machine, helps them sleep during their session. However, for the rest of us, it is very warm so for YOUR comfort, I recommend planning your attire accordingly!

Newborn girl in white diaper and white headband bow sleeping on back with backlighting by

What To Bring To Your Newborn Session

My studio is perfectly prepared for your little one so there is very little you need to bring with you on the day of your portrait session. However, there are a few items that can provide extra comfort to you and your little one as well as add some beautiful touches to your portraits that I encourage parents to bring along. Although I don’t use props during my Newborn Portrait Sessions, incorporating a small stuffed animal or sentimental heirloom receiving blanket that holds special meaning to you and your family is a touching addition to your little one’s portraits. If siblings are included, a few toys or coloring books are a great way to keep them entertained while I continue photographing their newest family member!

  • Pacifier
  • Bottle of Breast Milk or Formula
  • Extra Clothes
  • Sentimental Prop (an heirloom receiving blanket or small stuffed animal)
  • Snacks, magazines, toys for siblings to play with during the session

I hope this helps put your mind at ease and also reassures you that I will take good care of you and your precious new baby! As a mom, I know you are taking care of so much, especially after just welcoming your newborn home. Let me take care of you- I love making you feel special, cared for and handling all of the details so you can enjoy your special session and love the beautiful artwork we create together! If you’d like more information about my Forth Worth Newborn Photography sessions, please click here and I invite you to explore my Instagram page and my Newborn Portrait Gallery to learn more about my unique and timeless style of photography!

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