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The Annual Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Flower Mound Photographer

Finding the perfect Flower Mound photographer to capture precious pictures of your children can be overwhelming. To help, I’ve put together a very manageable list of 5 questions to ask yourself AND your prospective photographer that will ensure you find best match!

Little girl in green romper sitting backwards and looking over her shoulder by Flower Mound Photographer

Safety first! Is the Flower Mound photographer insured?

The first step in choosing a photographer for your child’s portraits is to make sure the business is insured and your child will be safe. Responsible business owners always have insurance! Another important tip is to make sure you hire an actual business and not just a hobbiest.

Other safety measures to explore include the health and wellbeing of your child. For example, what are the photographer’s COVID-19 protocols? Is he or she completely up to date on vaccines, including Tdap, flu and tetanus. If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, it’s important that they’ve been trained in newborn safety. Because your child’s safety is so important to me, I’ve completed newborn safety training and I continually take newborn posing courses to ensure that every baby is kept safe and comfortable throughout our time together!.

Do you want photographs at a specific location or in a studio?

Flower Mound photographers have a wonderful selection of locations to choose from to photograph children. If a park or a nature preserve is what you had in mind, finding a photographer that specializes in outdoor photography is your best bet! Other parents love a more documentary style. If that’s you, a lifestyle photographer is going to truly capture those authentic moments in your home. I am a studio photographer so clients who appreciate a clean and timeless background with the focus purely on your little one will love a studio session portrait photographer.

If you’re not sure which style is more suited for your tastes, don’t worry! Instagram is a fantastic way to get a good sense of a photographer’s style. Take a little time to scroll through different photography profiles and see what really pulls at your heart. If you find yourself looking at a photograph and wishing you had one just like it with your child, I’ve got good news! You’ve found your style!

Does the photographer specialize in children photography?

Finding a Flower Mound photographer that specializes in children photography is incredibly important. As parents, we know that children are very different than adults. They have big personalities, a lot of energy, and a wide range of emotions. Creating a safe and welcoming environment for kids and allowing their personalities to shine through is something that takes a lot of experience. That’s why I always recommend you find a photographer that specializes in children photography.

My speciality is Newborns, Baby and Children portrait photography. I am incredibly well versed and trained in documenting this precious time in your little one’s life. My studio is made specifically for little children and parents and the experience I create is completely tailored to their lifestyle raising young kiddos. Working with a specialist in photography is just like working with a specialist is other fields. I have an approach that perfectly fits parents who want portraits of their young children!

How do you hope to enjoy your photographs?

When you hire a photographer, more than likely, you have an idea of what you hope to do with those portraits. If your goal is to have a set of digital images, you’ll want a photographer who can provide an easy way for you to download your images.

Other families like a combination- digital images along with a framed print or album. This client should look for a photographer that offers a set of collections. This allows you to pick the grouping that works best for your goals.

And for the clients I work with, they want to create customized artwork for their home, specific to their style, decor and vision. Because of this, I spend a lot of time understanding my client’s vision and planning a session tailored specifically to meet those goals. Afterwards, I create custom artwork and install their framed wall art in their home. Here’s a helpful exercise. Think about 5 years from now when your children have grown out of the stage they’re in now. Next, envision how you see yourself cherishing these portraits. Your answer to that will help steer you towards a photographer that can make that dream into a reality!

Little boy in white t-shirt side profile by Flower Mound photographer.

How much do you want to invest in your portrait session?

Your investment will most likely correlate to your goals for the session. For example, if you hope to receive just the digital images after your session, your investment will be lower. For clients who want a full service experience, similar to what I provide, the investment will higher. My clients commission me to take their visions and turn that into timeless artwork. In addition, I handle all of the details along the way and completely tailor the process to their family. In general, your investment typically reflects the level of collaboration and overall experience you hope to receive with your portrait session.

I hope this helps simplify the process of finding the right photographer for your child’s portraits! As a mom, I know you are taking care of so much, especially with little ones running around! Let me take care of you. I love making you feel special, cared for and handling all of the details so you can enjoy your special session and love the beautiful artwork we create together! If you’d like more information about my Flower Mound photography sessions, please click here. I also invite you to explore my Instagram page and my Portrait Galleries to learn more about my unique and timeless style of photography!

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