7 Dallas Birthing Centers for Comforting Environments & Stellar Services

When I gave birth to my two boys, I had a wonderful experience at the hospital- kind and attentive nurses, delicious meals, a room with a view and my doctor was right there when the big moment finally came!  For me and my birth plan, it was a great fit but I know a lot of women who would like more control over their birth plan and would prefer a more comfortable environment.  This is why I’ve loved the growing popularity of birthing centers. Birthing centers empower you to give birth the way you see fit. You can walk around, eat a snack, and work through the contractions in whatever way is best for you. As a newborn photographer, I get to talk to many families who have found Dallas birthing centers they adore. Below are some of their favorites.

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Origins Birth Center

Gina Thompson and Kaitlyn Wages founded Origins Birth Center. Both midwives wanted to create a supportive environment for families. The center now has four certified midwives and additional support staff. The birth center is beautifully decorated and features warm beds and spacious birthing tubs.

Following your labor, your midwife will focus on allowing you to bond with your baby. You’ll have extended skin-to-skin time as well as a therapeutic herbal bath. On top of its premium labor services, the center offers fertility counseling, excellent prenatal care, and extended postpartum care.

Origins also offers care outside of fertility. You can come for well-women checks as well as their life-changing IV bar.

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East Dallas Birth And Wellness

Emily Sloan started East Dallas Birth and Wellness to bring woman-centered care to the Dallas area. Emily has years of personal and professional experience that allow her to approach each birth with compassion. East Dallas Birth and Wellness is a modern and comfortable space with two suites for delivery.

Both rooms have large tubs perfect for welcoming your newest family member. The waiting room and exam room are filled with cozy furniture to take the stress out of prenatal appointments. And when the time to deliver arrives, you’ll feel confident with your birth team by your side!

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Lover’s Lane Birth Center

Krystal Brown, the owner and primary midwife at Lover’s Lane Birth Center, understands how miraculous birth is and will do all she can to honor this experience. At the center, your midwife will take the time to ensure you feel understood. The appointments can last up to 1.5 hours and will be used to address all questions and concerns.

During your labor, you’ll have the assistance of two midwives who will stay by your side. The knowledgeable staff is ready to take on any emergency and do what it takes to ensure you and your baby have a positive birth experience!

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Family Centered Maternity Care

Family Centered Maternity Care was founded in 1984 and is a trusted name in family healthcare. At the birth center, they believe that the most crucial thing for your prenatal care is building up trust. They understand that you know your body best and will work to give you the birth experience that’s right for your family.

Gracious experts who are ready to assist you through every part of pregnancy run the center. The rooms at the birth center are stylish and comfortable, giving you plenty of space to move through labor as you see fit. The birthing tubs are large and will help you through those final pushes.

And their quality care doesn’t end once the baby arrives. The center’s matchless postpartum care will ensure you’re completely ready for this next season.

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Plano Birthplace

Jeannine Tate started the Plano Birthplace birth center. Jeannine had undergone two midwife-assisted births and was thrilled with the experience. Hence, she wanted to provide the same for other women. The center offers a variety of rooms with birthing tubs for your labor. It allows you to have a one-on-one tour before delivery.

The midwives are incredibly experienced and know how to ensure your delivery is positive. The center has a collaborative physician to constantly ensure your health is at its best.

Once your baby arrives, your midwife will delay clamping the cord and instead initiate skin-to-skin so you can focus on bonding with your baby while your midwife worries about the rest.

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Grapevine Birthing Center

Kim Daly started Grapevine Birthing Center in 2014 to give women a warm and relaxed delivery experience. Kim has birthed all four of her children naturally in every kind of setting. Having been at the receiving end of all this care, she’s passionate about educating women and giving them their own choice for labor.

The birthing suites are large and airy, with space to move around with your partner. The birthing baths are warm and comfortable, assisting you through the final stages of labor. The center offers excellent prenatal and postpartum care, chiropractic appointments, and early gender tests.

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Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington

Meredith Braudaway founded Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington after she realized her passion for giving women an informed choice regarding their delivery. Today, the center has three midwives, a birth assistant, and a couple of prenatal specialists on their staff.

When you choose care with the midwives, you can use their adorable birth center. They designed the rooms here with your comfort in mind. From the soothing color palettes to their accommodating birthing tubs, all of it will make your delivery a dream.

The center offers fantastic prenatal and postpartum care as well as chiropractic appointments. Their team will do what they can to walk you through labor and the weeks that follow.

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Dallas Birthing Centers

Finding an excellent birth center with trusted midwives can provide you peace of mind and confidence during your pregnancy. With any of these beloved Dallas birthing centers, I’m optimistic your labor will be as magical as you’ve always hoped.

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your baby’s first few weeks? If so, I would love to talk to you! I’m a Dallas newborn photographer and a mom myself who loves making photo sessions a calm and joyful experience for the entire family. Contact me today to find out how I can give you photos you’ll cherish for years. While you’re here, be sure to view more Dallas motherhood resources with the links below!

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