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Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

The Annual Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

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An Effortless & Stress-Free Portrait Experience from a Dallas Baby Photographer

As a mom of two little boys, I know how busy life is and adding one more item to the “to-do” list can seem overwhelming.  Moms often tell me that they know they need to get updated pictures taken of their kids but they just can’t find the time.  Plus, there’s so much involved!  It’s finding the right outfits for their kids to wear.  Worrying about whether or not their children will smile.  Convincing their kids they’ll have a good time.  And ultimately, figuring out what to do with the pictures once they’ve been taken.  Because of this, many moms keep pushing this task off till another day.  As a Dallas baby photographer, I’ve created a joyful, stress-free and uniquely tailored experience for you where I handle every detail along the way!  Read on to learn more about my enjoyable and effortless portrait experience.

Two little brothers sitting on a stool for Dallas baby photographer

Complete Wardrobe Planning

Finding the perfect outfits for your child’s portrait session is often times the biggest pain point for moms.  Thankfully for you, this is my strength!  Before photography, I spent years working for Ralph Lauren and I absolutely love creating incredible looks for your children that will coordinate with each other AND your home décor!  During our Pre-Session Consultation call, we’ll discuss everything from your style preferences and your home décor all the way to what sizes your children wear.  Then, I’ll create a personalized style board just for you, complete with clickable links so you can easily shop your favorite must-haves for you session!  No more worrying about what your kids will wear- let me figure this out for you!

Little girl in white dress bashfully smiling for Dallas baby photographer

Beautiful and Figure-Flattering Dresses for Mom

If you are at all like me, I was embarrassed with my post-partum body.  Nothing fit from my closet and I didn’t want to buy anything because I knew I would lose the weight with time.  Therefore, having my picture taken with my sons when they were born was NOT something I was comfortable with.  Sadly, because of this, I have no pictures of me with my boys when they were newborns.  I never want this to happen to other new moms so I provide incredible dresses that will perfectly flatter your postpartum body and will happily coordinate hair and makeup so you feel your absolute best.

Brother and sister lying on their bellies smiling at the camera

Portraits that Reflect Your Child’s True Personality

Getting your kids to smile and behave is definitely a concern I hear from moms all the time!  After years of working with children, I have a wonderful arsenal of special ways to get your child to relax, feel comfortable and have fun.  I’ve created each session specifically for you and your kids.  During your Pre-Session Consultation call, I ask about all of your children’s favorites so I have the right music playing, the perfect conversation starters and yummy treats waiting for them.  Feeling at ease opens your child up to being themselves and that’s the ultimate goal- creating portraits that truly portray your child as you see him or her!  My gift is capturing their true selves and the details that make them uniquely “them”.  These are the images you’ll absolutely cherish for years to come!

Little girl in denim dress turning around and smiling

Customized Wall Art and Album Mock-Ups Just for You!

Finally, figuring out what to do with your portraits after your session can spiral into a whole new “to-do” list.  Action items often include going through all of the images, picking our favorites, sending them somewhere to print (maybe even finding a place to print these images!) and ultimately doing something meaningful with the printed portraits.  Whew!  And the sad thing is, most families end up just opting for digitals.  I want you to LOVE your portraits and LIVE with them- let them fill your home and surround you and your family everyday!  To make this happen, I create wall art and photo album mockups so you can easily edit as opposed to creating and planning from scratch!

Wall art on a navy blue wall for Dallas baby photographer

Dallas Baby Photographer

I never want my clients to miss out on capturing these incredible moments in their child’s life because life is so busy.  That’s why I proudly offer an effortless, stress-free and JOYFUL experience to all of my clients.  Let me handle the details.  I’ll do all of the planning.  Allow me to give you back time so you can cherish these moments with your kids!  As your Dallas baby photographer, you’ll end up with a experience you’ll love and timeless portraits you’ll cherish…forever!

If you’d like to learn more about my exclusive KGP experience and explore my galleries, please feel free to click on the links below!  If you like what you see and would like to experience it for yourself, I’d love to talk to you and please reach out by clicking HERE.

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