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The Best Age for Newborn Photos: Newborn Photography Dallas, TX

“You’re too late!  Your baby is too old!”  As a mom of a 1 week old newborn, this was the news I received when I called a local photographer.  I never thought of getting pictures taken of my baby.  But now that my son was here and he was legitimately the cutest baby of all time, I wanted newborn pictures!  Well.  I quickly found out that I was too late and my baby was too old.  Although this news was the catalyst for me becoming a professional photographer, at the time, it was hard to hear.  Despite what I was told as a new mom, there is a much bigger window for newborn photos. So, when is the best age to take newborn photos?  This journal will explain MY philosophy and time table for newborn photography in Dallas, TX.

Two Schools of Thought

In the newborn photography world, there tends to be two schools of thought.  One side prefers to photograph newborns within the first 7-10 days of a baby’s life.  Often times, during this period, the baby is still incredibly sleepy.  Plus, their skin hasn’t started to flake yet and baby acne is still on the horizon.  The other school of thought is open to photographing a newborn through the 5th week of his or her life.  During this time, baby is more alert and is often awake for the session.  Plus, her limbs are stronger and not as malleable as they were in the first week of her life.  For these reasons, a lot of newborn photographers prefer younger newborns. However, I believe there are benefits at both age ranges.  Therefore, I offer newborn sessions all the way into the 2nd month of your baby’s life!

Benefits of Younger Newborn Portrait Sessions

Younger newborns, or newborns within the first 7-10 days of their life are incredibly sleepy!  Their body has gone through a lot during delivery and this new world is so different than their mother’s womb.  Plus, they are growing at an enormous rate which is taxing and tiring!  All of these reasons combine to create a sleepy little munchkin.  And not only does he sleep a lot, he sleeps deeply!  This is why it’s such a wonderful time to photograph your newborn.  We can change poses and move his arms and legs around to create beautiful portraits all while your baby sleeps!  Plus, your baby’s skin hasn’t gone through some of the big changes yet.  Within that first week, your newborn most likely hasn’t started getting acne or had his skin flake yet.  This makes it much easier on the photographer to edit and ensure perfect portraits.

Benefits of Older Newborn Portrait Sessions

Older newborns, or newborns up to 5 weeks of age, are definitely more alert.  When they were younger, they were awake long enough to barely finish up a bottle.  But now, they may be working on some tummy time, checking out their surroundings between feedings and making more and more eye contact with their family members.  This makes their session so fun and the portraits showcase this wonderful connection!  Babies at this age can still be wrapped up, similar to younger newborns, but they can also make faces, look into their mommy’s eyes, watch their big sister, etc!  The session has a lot more personality because your baby has a lot more personality at this age.

Which One is Best?

This is truly a personal decision.  A lot of moms prefer the look of the younger newborn portraits.  It’s classic!  The baby is wrapped and sleeping, there are beautiful poses and the pictures are very peaceful.  However, some moms prefer to have baby more alert and connecting with family members.  Or, maybe mom didn’t think she wanted or needed newborn portraits until she saw her little one for the first time.  And now, she’s head over heels and wants beautiful portraits to celebrate her newborn’s life!  Whichever category you fall into….or find yourself in…the important thing to remember is this.  HAVING newborn portraits, regardless of when those photographs are taken, is what matters.  You will never regret having your baby photographed.  She will grow so quickly and you will always cherish remembering how tiny she once was!

Newborn Photography Dallas TX

As a professional in newborn photography in Dallas, TX, I would be honored to create beautiful portraits of your newborn.  Are you interested in learning more about me and the incredible experience I offer my clients?  Please feel free to explore my website!  I’d love to connect with you so if you’d like to talk and see if we’re a good fit, fill out my contact sheet and I look forward to speaking with you.  Finally, I attached some of my other journal entries below that offer great resources for expecting moms.  Take a look!

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Thank you so much for joining me and I hope you visit again soon!



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