The KGP Matted Portrait Box: Flower Mound Newborn Portraits

Hello!  I’m Kim with Kimberly Gerfin Photography and I’m a Flower Mound Newborn Photographer.  One of the incredible experiences I offer my clients is artwork design. I really believe strongly that when I create portraits of your children, they should be enjoyed!  When you hang them in your home, these special moments can be relived every time you walk by them.  They become a part of your history, your life’s story and they are ingrained in your child’s memories.  For each of my clients, I mock up and create beautiful artwork that I present to you at your Reveal and Ordering Appointment.  This way, as my client, you can see your images and truly envision the different options you have for enjoying your Flower Mound newborn portraits and allowing these pieces to become a part of your home.

Brown wood box with matted portraits

The Matted Portrait Box

One of the pieces of artwork that I offer is relatively new to my list but I’ve fallen in love with it and clients really love it too!   It is the Matted Portrait Box.  This beautiful wood box houses 20 of your favorite matted newborn portraits from your session.  Each mat is fully finished and sealed in museum grade archival mats, making framing easy once the time comes!


Enjoying your Matted Portrait Box

Sometimes, when you have a portrait session, you’re not sure which wall you want to hang a framed wall art piece.  Or, maybe you’re moving or you’re changing things around.   You don’t necessarily want to commit to a large piece of wall art at this moment.  When you purchase the Matted Portrait Box, your portraits are ready to be framed whenever YOU are ready!  In the meantime, it’s a wonderful piece to have on your coffee table for everyone to enjoy.  I love offering this piece and I think it’s so special.  It truly gives you a lot of variety and choices.   Plus, the quality is incredible!

Wood box with matted portraits for Flower Mound Newborn Portraits

Flower Mound Newborn Portraits

If you would like to learn more about me, my photography studio or Flower Mound newborn portraits, I would love to share with you a little bit about what I do.  Please feel free to explore my website, enjoy my Instagram page or reach out to me through my contact form!  In addition, I have some other helpful newborn portrait journal entries that are chock full of helpful information!

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