KGP Framed Portraits: Flower Mound Newborn Wall Art

Hi!  I’m Kim, the owner and photographer here at Kimberly Gerfin Photography and I’m a Flower Mound Newborn Photographer.  One of the things that makes my studio so unique is I offer custom artwork design.  An example of this is Flower Mound newborn wall art.  I truly believe that the portraits we capture together should be enjoyed every single day.  That’s why I want to create artwork that fits with your home.  It will become a part of your family’s story.  A part of your life together.  And something you’ll pass on for generations to come!

Three framed newborn pictures over a couch for Flower Mound Newborn Wall Art

Framed Wall Art

One of my favorite artwork pieces I offer my clients is Wall Art- framing your portraits for you to enjoy in your home.  I offer an incredible selection of frames!  Prior to your portrait session, we spend some time talking about your home.  What does your home decor feel like, how would you describe your style and what colors do you gravitate towards are a few of the topics we discuss.  This information allows me to design a session and ultimately artwork that fits seamlessly in your home.

Heirloom Quality

I am so proud of the framed artwork that I offer my clients.  Therefore, I’ve spent a lot of time making sure that the quality far exceeds your expectations and will protect your precious portraits over time.   To do so, I’ve partnered with a framing company that values quality as much as I do.  Each frame is made specifically for your artwork piece.  Plus, all of the paper that they use to print your portraits on is 100% cotton which means that it’s not going to yellow or deteriorate with time.  You deserve to enjoy these images for a lifetime.  If not more!  And what an amazing gift to be able to pass them on to your children.  It is a gift that will keep on giving for generations to come.   I love the beauty of the artwork pieces we create, the variety of styles that I’m able to offer and I love knowing that this artwork will look beautiful for hundreds of years.

Framed newborn picture

Flower Mound Newborn Wall Art

If you are interested in learning more about the wall art that I offer my clients or you want to learn a little bit more about me and my photography studio here in Flower Mound, I would love to talk to you!   Please feel free to explore my website, check out my Instagram page and reach out to me via my contact form!  Additionally, I’ve attached a few links to other helpful journal articles that highlight some of the other artwork products I offer.  I hope it helps!

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The KGP Heirloom Album: Flower Mound Newborn Album

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