The KGP Heirloom Album: Flower Mound Newborn Album

Hi- it’s Kim from Kimberly Gerfin Photography!  I wanted to show you one of the beautiful artwork pieces that I offer my clients and I have to say, it’s definitely a favorite!  The piece I’m going to show you is my Heirloom Album and it is just gorgeous!   For moms who would love to learn more about Flower Mound newborn albums, let’s walk through what it looks like, some of its beautiful benefits and I’m sure you will fall in love with it just as much as I have!


A Timeless Wood Memory Box

All of my albums come in either a rectangle 9×12 or a square 10×10.  The pictures in this journal entry all show the 10×10 Heirloom Album.   Included in your purchase are so many incredible personalization options as well as this gorgeous storage box!  This wood storage box not only houses your Heirloom Album, it is hand crafted here in the United States and it has beautiful dovetail detailing.  It is truly a work of art itself and it comes with plenty of room inside.  So, in addition to storing your album, there’s also a lot of room for you to make it a keepsake box, storing the special items from your little one’s first year!  Plus, it’s fit to size so if you order the 9×12 it will be sized to fit the 9×12.

Pink album in wood box with lid off to the side.

You Can Love this Book By Its Cover!

All albums come with debossing options for the cover, allowing your album to be truly one of a kind! There are four types of debossing you can choose from: silver, gold, rose gold and blind debossing.  Furthermore, you have an incredible selection of fabric covers to choose from!  One option is to choose a gorgeous European Linen, like the Luxe Linen Rose Quartz you see in the pictures!  I absolutely love the texture of the Luxe Linen collection!  I also offer Italian leathers that are just divine.  They are so beautiful so I’m sure you can see why Heirloom Albums are one of my favorite artwork pieces.

Pink album with silver debossing by Flower Mound Newborn album

Elegant (and THICK) Lay Flat Pages

A detail I love pointing out are the pages of the Heirloom Albums.  Each page is incredibly thick and they are a lay flat format so you can create timeless spreads that take up the full space. Prior to your Reveal and Ordering Appointment, I create a mock-up album for you so you can easily add in or take away any of the pictures depending on which images are your favorite!  This is makes it so much easier for you to just edit and personalize your album as opposed to having the pressure of trying to create something like this all by yourself.  Sometimes when you go through and look at all the images from your portrait gallery, it’s hard to pick one favorite to frame and put on the wall.  That’s why albums are such a wonderful choice because you can include all of your favorites!

Large and small album by Flower Mound Newborn album.

The Perfect Gift for Doting Grandparents

For new parents that want to share their joy with family and friends, I offer a special little gift to add on to your Heirloom Album purchase.   The Mini Album is an exact replica of your Heirloom Album, just smaller!  It comes in the same fabrics and Leathers as your Heirloom Album- it’s just a miniature version.   For example, if you purchased the 10×10 square Heirloom Album, you could add on the 6×6 Mini Album to give to the grandparents!  It’s just a wonderful little brag book for family to have.

Large and small pink album

Flower Mound Newborn Album

If you are interested in a photography session or learning more about what I do here at Kimberly Gerfin Photography, let’s connect!  I also have some other wonderful journal entries that walk you through my studio and some of the incredible comforts I offer my clients.  Take a look at the links below and enjoy!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!



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