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The Annual Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

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Kimberly Gerfin Photography Studio Tour: Flower Mound Newborn Photographer

Hi I’m Kim!  I’m the owner and photographer here at Kimberly Gerfin Photography.  I’m a Flower Mound newborn photographer and I am also a white studio photographer.  You’re probably asking yourself…what does that mean and why would I want that for my newborn portraits?   White studio photography eliminates all of the distracting backgrounds and props- it keeps everything simple so it creates a truly timeless background for your newborn portraits!  I believe every child is more than enough to create incredible photography.  Therefore, I eliminate everything else so the focus is really just on your beautiful baby and his or her incredible details.

Kimberly Gerfin Photographer sign by Flower Mound Newborn Photographer

Welcome to my studio…

I’d love to show you around my beautiful photography studio here in Flower Mound and explain some of the special experiences I offer to you as my client!

When you first enter my studio, I have a wonderful space for you and your family to sit and relax.  It’s so important to me that you are able to enjoy these moments as I photograph your little one.  This is a precious time in your life and I want you to remember these moments.  I also want you to just enjoy some time where you can let me do all the work and you can sit back and relax!  (Sounds pretty great, right!?)

Beautiful pieces perfect for your baby

All of my clients have full access to the beautiful wraps and blankets I offer, as well as the white cotton onesies, sweet little diaper covers, precious headbands and hats.  They’re all yours for us to be able to use during your session and I’ve got plenty so when poop and spit up happens, which it will, it’s never a concern.  I have plenty of backups!

A private room made especially for newborn moms

One of the things that my clients absolutely love is having the private room in the back of my studio so that they can come relax and feed their little one during the session.  Sometimes, your baby will get hungry and will need an extra feeding.  I love providing the tools, whether it’s diapers and creams and wipes or a comfortable feeding chair and a Boppy, for you to do what you need to so you and your little one are perfectly comfortable.   I also have a private restroom for all of my clients to take advantage of!  Plus, if you have potty training toddlers, I provide the perfect potty training seat so your little one can feel right at home.

I’ve created a space that really allows you to come, have fun, relax and enjoy your time.  It’s such a wonderful process having portraits taken of your children and my goal at Kimberly Gerfin Photography is for you to enjoy those moments and for me to do all the work!

Flower Mound Newborn Photographer

If you’d like to learn more about me as a Flower Mound Newborn Photographer or find out about other wonderful experiences I offer my clients, I have some additional journal entries below!  It would be an honor to photograph your child and create timeless artwork for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  To learn more about my Flower Mound studio or to explore my galleries, please feel free to visit my website!  If you’d like to talk about scheduling a session or if you have questions about my process, you can call, text or email and I’d love to connect with you!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you come back soon!



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