A Relaxing and Joyful Experience: Flower Mound Newborn Photography

At Kimberly Gerfin Photography, I specialize in Flower Mound Newborn Photography.  One of the things that’s so important to me, especially for my newborn moms, is to make sure that my studio is truly a comfortable and relaxing place for them to come to.  I’m a mom of two little boys and I remember when they were newborns.  It’s a lot!  There is so much going on in your life.  A lot of new changes, a lot of things to learn and discover, and so much to remember.  And you’re sleep deprived!!  So, I don’t ever want you to feel stressed about your newborn session.  That’s why I’ve created a beautiful space for newborn moms to come, relax, enjoy the moment and just cherish these memories that we’re creating together.

Special Touches and Precious Details

I’ve spent a lot of time creating a studio and an experience for all moms that accomplish two goals.  First- I want you to feel like you are at home!  I have plenty of diapers, clean clothes when accidents happen and a private place so you can comfortably feed your sweet child.  I’ve taken care of the details and planning so you can relax and feel right at home.  Second, I provide one-of-a-kind, timeless details that truly enhance your baby’s portraits.  From cashmere wraps to precious little headbands, you’ll fall in love with these perfect pieces that make your portraits works of art!

All the comforts of home

One of the special comforts I offer here at my studio in Flower Mound is a wonderful feeding chair.  It is so comfortable and it’s the perfect place when your little one needs a little bit more food during our session together.  It’s so peaceful coming in to this private room.  You can close the door, take your time and relax, and make sure that your baby is wonderfully fed.  Not only is it super comfortable, I also offer a Boppy that I clean after every session so it’s just like being home!

Another comfort I offer is a fully loaded diaper changing table.  I don’t want you to worry about, “did I remember all the diapers?”, “did I remember the creams?”, “do I have enough wipes?”.  I’ve got it covered for you!  As a mom, I know what you need and I’ve spent a lot of time making sure that my studio is ready for you.  I’ve got diapers from size NB up to size three and I’ve got plenty of Honest brand lotions, creams and wipes that are gentle on your little one’s skin.  So truly, you can simply come, enjoy our time together and let me take care of all of the details.


Luxurious details

In addition to these wonderful comforts of home, I also have beautiful pieces that I offer all of my clients during their newborn sessions.   One of the things that I love is all of the babies that I photograph are wrapped in beautiful white cashmere wraps.  They’re so breathable and light and comfortable for your little one and they create stunning photographs.  I use this luxurious wrap in several different ways!  Oftentimes, I start off at the beginning of the session with a little bit of a tighter wrap, similar to what you might do at home with a swaddle.  It keeps your baby so nice and tight and comfortable and they fall deep asleep.  As we move through the session, I might loosen it up a little bit to create a more artistic flair.  These wraps are just so soft and luxurious and perfect for newborn sessions!

Newborn with white blanket trailing behind him while he sleeps


Hats and caps and ribbons, oh my!

I also have sweet little hats for the little boys.  I love keeping things simple- I am a white studio photographer.  This means that everything is white and incredibly timeless and elegant which allows the focus to be solely on your little one.  I believe that every child is more than enough to create incredible portraits.  We don’t need distracting backgrounds and props to make the picture interesting.  It’s your little one that creates such a wonderful and beautiful portrait.  That’s why everything is really simple in my studio so that all of your little one’s details and characteristics truly shine through!  So I add little touches, like a beautiful knit hat or a gorgeous cashmere cap.  These are the perfect touches to give your gallery some diversity.  But again, they’re simple and timeless and just truly elegant pieces.

For your little girl, oh gosh!  I have little bows and delicate headbands and head wraps that are so precious and sweet!  Again, just to add a little bit of detail to give some variety to your gallery and they’re just beautiful!



Finally, I have adorable white cotton onesies- both in a kimono style and snap up as well as simple little diaper covers.  Sometimes it’s nice to show a tiny bit of skin.  There are so many little details like freckles and birthmarks that we really want to show off!   These details won’t always be there.  That’s why it’s nice to have sweet little pieces that will allow us to show them off.   Plus, I have plenty of both!  We all know little ones love to poop and spit up when we get them fully dressed so it’s never a concern when poop and spit up happens.

newborn girl wrapped in white blanket with white bow by Flower Mound Newborn photography

Flower Mound Newborn Photography

I would be honored to photograph your little one at their newborn session.  If you’re interested and would like to learn more about Kimberly Gerfin Photography and my white studio, I would love to talk to you about it.  It really is a special place that highlights your little one and creates portraits that are timeless and will last for generations.  If you’re interested in scheduling a session, feel free to let me know!  I really look forward to connecting.  If you’d like to explore my galleries or learn more about the incredible experience I provide each client, I invite you to visit my website.  Finally, I have some additional journal entries that provide more insight into my studio, my artwork and what to expect when we work together.   Feel free to read them by clicking on the links below!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you soon!



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