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The Annual Heirloom Portrait Event is Coming! 

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How to prepare for your Dallas Photography Session: Kids Edition!

You’re thrilled about your child’s upcoming portrait session!  And soon, you’ll have new, updated photographs of your little one to cherish and enjoy.  However, as the date approaches, you begin to wonder how to prepare for this session.  What should you bring?  How do you explain this to your child?  What do YOU need to know ahead of time?  All of these questions are 100% normal and I hear them from parents all the time!  This journal article is dedicated to answering those questions and ensuring your feel prepared and excited for your child’s Dallas photography session!

little boy sitting on the ground with his legs out stretched

What to Wear?

The very first item to plan for your child’s upcoming photography session is their outfit.  I love this step because it is a huge factor in the overall look and feel of your portraits.  For my clients, I provide full wardrobe consultations for each child, complete with inspiration boards that include clickable links.  Ahead of time, we’ll discuss color schemes and your overall style.  This allows me to find the perfect outfits that reflect your taste and compliment the colors in your home.  Each inspiration board has several looks and each piece showcased has a link that allows you to easily shop your must-have items!  Therefore, you no longer have to worry about figuring out how to dress your children because I take care of it for you!

Little girl in white dress smiling for camera

Helpful Wardrobing Tips

If you choose to style your child on your own, here are a few helpful tips to ensure you love the end result.  First, pick colors schemes that beautifully tie into your home décor.  For example, if your home has mostly earth tones (tans, leathers, woods, etc.), look for outfits that compliment them.  Creams, khakis, light greys are some great combinations to consider.  Next, decide on whether you prefer a more casual feel to your portraits or want a more polished, formal look.  From here, if you have more than one child, you want to find COORDINATING looks for each child but not MATCHING looks.  Always avoid pieces with graphics or logos.  And finally, it’s best to stick to more muted colors as opposed to super saturated colors.

little boy sitting on a stool looking at the camera

What to Bring?

With your outfits planned and ready to go and your session date just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what you should bring with you.  I created my studio specifically for kiddos so I have plenty of kid-approved props and toys for your little one to play with.  Plus, I have a bathroom with a training seat along with a changing table to make bathroom breaks as simple as possible.  I also have apple juice packs and fruit snacks to help keep everyone happy!  However, if there is a non-messy snack you’d like to bring (no chocolates because those tend to get all over little mouths and clothes!) or a special stuffy for extra snuggles, please feel free to bring them along!  We’ll also have plenty of time for outfit changes so additional clothing is always fun to include.

black and white portrait of little girl with white bow in her hair

What do you tell your child?

Especially for toddlers and early grade school children, parents often wonder how they should talk about the portrait session.  Some children get nervous about new things or don’t enjoy having their picture taken.  From my experience, I find that letting your toddler know about the session a day or so in advance is typically best.  Plus, it also helps to describe me as a “new, fun friend” who wants to take fun pictures of you!  Even with older children, it helps to focus on the experience (fun, silly, exciting, etc.) as opposed to the act itself (photographs, posing, smiling, etc.).  When your children come expecting fun, that is typically what they have!

Little boy smiling at the camera with a toothy grin

What YOU should know ahead of time

If you’re like me, you like knowing what will happen during your session time.  First of all, your session time is just that.  YOURS!  My schedule is dedicated to you and your children so we have all the time we need to create beautiful portraits.  With that being said, sessions are typically 30-45 mins.  Attention spans tend to wane as we push beyond this time.  Because of this, I provide prompts and directions throughout the session to ensure I get the looks and poses I know you’ll love.  I work very quickly so you have the gallery you were hoping for AND your child is still happy and engaged as you head home.  However, if we need more time, it’s always there for us to use!

little girl in orange dress smiling looking off in the distance

Dallas Photography Session

With a little bit of preparation and awareness, you and your child will feel excited and ready for this special time!  Scheduling your child’s Dallas photography session is often the hardest part of the process.  Once you’ve done that, I love to take the reins and create a memorable experience and timeless portraits you’ll cherish forever!  If you would like to learn more about my photography studio, explore my galleries or contact me about your child’s session, please feel free to visit my website!  I’ve also included some additional journal entries that provide more information about what it’s like working with me.  Take a look and enjoy!

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Thank you so much for joining me and I hope you visit again soon!



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