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As a mom, I am always searching for inspiration and guidance as I journey on my path of motherhood.  Although I am no expert at raising children, I love learning and sharing information with you in hopes that your journey may also find a smooth and joyful path!  This journal is just that- things that inspire me, such as beautiful pictures of your kiddos and women doing incredible things, as well as helpful guidance when it comes to photography as well as raising children here in the DFW metroplex!  I hope you enjoy these entries and thank you so much for stopping by!

The Journal


Hi!  I’m Kim, the owner and photographer here at Kimberly Gerfin Photography and I’m a Flower Mound Newborn Photographer.  One of the things that makes my studio so unique is I offer custom artwork design.  An example of this is Flower Mound newborn wall art.  I truly believe that the portraits we capture together should […]

KGP Framed Portraits: Flower Mound Newborn Wall Art

Newborns, Tips & Resources

Framed newborn picture

July 26, 2023

Hello!  I’m Kim with Kimberly Gerfin Photography and I’m a Flower Mound Newborn Photographer.  One of the incredible experiences I offer my clients is artwork design. I really believe strongly that when I create portraits of your children, they should be enjoyed!  When you hang them in your home, these special moments can be relived […]

The KGP Matted Portrait Box: Flower Mound Newborn Portraits

Newborns, Tips & Resources

Brown wood box with matted portraits

July 25, 2023

Hi- it’s Kim from Kimberly Gerfin Photography!  I wanted to show you one of the beautiful artwork pieces that I offer my clients and I have to say, it’s definitely a favorite!  The piece I’m going to show you is my Heirloom Album and it is just gorgeous!   For moms who would love to […]

The KGP Heirloom Album: Flower Mound Newborn Album

Newborns, Tips & Resources

Pink album and mini album on top of wood box by Flower Mound Newborn Album

July 7, 2023

At Kimberly Gerfin Photography, I specialize in Flower Mound Newborn Photography.  One of the things that’s so important to me, especially for my newborn moms, is to make sure that my studio is truly a comfortable and relaxing place for them to come to.  I’m a mom of two little boys and I remember when […]

A Relaxing and Joyful Experience: Flower Mound Newborn Photography

Newborns, Tips & Resources

Newborn with white blanket trailing behind him while he sleeps

July 1, 2023

Hi I’m Kim!  I’m the owner and photographer here at Kimberly Gerfin Photography.  I’m a Flower Mound newborn photographer and I am also a white studio photographer.  You’re probably asking yourself…what does that mean and why would I want that for my newborn portraits?   White studio photography eliminates all of the distracting backgrounds and props- it […]

Kimberly Gerfin Photography Studio Tour: Flower Mound Newborn Photographer

Newborns, Tips & Resources

Kimberly Gerfin Photographer sign by Flower Mound Newborn Photographer

June 30, 2023